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A lot of time is often spent in the kitchen for the decoration of new houses, such as the setting, layout and functional requirements of the kitchen

setting is the overall requirement of the kitchen; Layout is to establish a reasonable use of space to reflect atmosphere, beauty, taste and so on; Functional requirements refer to what functions are realized on the basis of pursuing layout

the traditional kitchen decoration is closed, that is, the door is closed to form a separate space. The layout is around the stove, and the function is to be transparent, bright, stored, etc

under the guidance of relevant national policies, the changes in the housing market began to slowly move closer to small households. Therefore, kitchen decoration must be economical

jingfutian integrated environmental protection stove has a kitchen fume treatment rate of nearly 100%. Moreover, it integrates the functions of range hood, stove, disinfection cabinet, storage cabinet, oven and so on. Under the premise of zero oil smoke emission, the kitchen can be considered to be open, and there is no need to enclose it with a wall. In this way, the decoration of the kitchen saves a door and a wall; Its volume is no more than 0.6 square meters, which can basically meet the basic functions of the kitchen, which can save a lot of kitchen appliances, such as disinfection cabinets, storage cabinets and so on. Such a saving method can not only make the kitchen transparent and bright, but also save a lot of decoration costs. It is a smart choice for kitchen decorators





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