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Hanyun communication - Intelligent IVR system

have you ever wondered about the automatic voice playback over there? Do you want to know how the scoring, automatic job registration number, prompt you that the dialogue will be recorded and left a message after typing? What is the impact of IVR system on enterprises

if you want to satisfy your curiosity, I suggest you read this article. I believe you will have a new understanding of IVR after reading it

now let's take a look at the functions of the IVR system and the advantages of enterprise use

what is IVR? IVR (interactive voice response) is a powerful automatic service system. It is an automatic response system using pre recorded or TTS text to speech technology. It provides a function of menu navigation for customers. It is mainly used in the call center system. The main functions and advantages are as follows:

main functions

on/off duty setting: the call center background sets the voice process that does not pass according to the on/off duty period

voice message: customers can leave voice messages according to voice prompts. The system provides recording download and audition

automatic job reporting No.: the current job number will be published automatically before the job answering

mobile agent: the incoming call number can be transferred to the outside line according to the voice prompt

queuing: queue prompt tone setting

tts voice: text can be converted into voice

automatic voice response: automatically play voice through different keys or interact with third-party systems, such as querying balance and other services

do seat satisfaction survey: score each customer

use advantages

then heat and pressurize

all-weather automation is the same as that of China's plastic processing industry: IVR provides 24-hour service. Customers can input information to the enterprise host at any time by pressing keys or voice selection, and get a variety of services by self-service, so that the business representative has more time to serve customers with special requirements

concurrent processing: IVR can process multiple incoming calls at the same time. In addition, the automatic processing process when busy will greatly reduce the probability that customers hear the busy tone or give up on the way, and improve customer satisfaction

flexibility: the IVR system can run multiple different applications at the same time. For example, it can provide completely independent information system applications for internal personnel or enterprise customers at the same time. When the display pattern of the "four in one" industrial chain of plastic raw materials, products, machinery, machine tools and molds becomes more and more mature, it can automatically select which application system to start by asking for some relevant information, such as internal ID, supplier ID, agent ID, etc

Intelligence: IVR is designed to take good care of incoming customers from all aspects. In terms of call allocation, it can not only automatically allocate according to the optimal algorithm, but also process calls according to user instructions. Before the incoming call is finally transferred to the manual agent, find the most appropriate route to transfer the call, that is, find the most appropriate business representative to answer. Specific customers can arrange special personnel to answer; Give priority to important customers and try to shorten their waiting time

high efficiency: IVR text and speech synthesis technology serves customers with clear and mellow voice recorded in advance. IVR multilingual support can play voice prompts or consultation information in different languages according to different requirements

according to the standard functional features of the call center IVR itself: Hanyun communication integrates its own features into the product, enabling customers to access anytime, anywhere, automate information services, and coordinate user operations. It can save a lot of costs and reduce the burden on the agent staff, so that they can only deal with the calls that really need manual processing and improve the service quality

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