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Hardware enterprises frequently innovate

the word "innovation" was really put on the agenda in recent years when the displacement z=0. Under the "Exploitation" of low profit from OEM, China's hardware enterprises began to study enterprise reform and product improvement. Innovation is sown by people of insight in the industry, waiting for the slow rooting and germination

as far as I know, product patents under innovation are being born frequently. However, it is strange that these patents have not brought substantial effects to the corresponding enterprises. How to convert into products and carry out large-scale production and sales has become a headache for the industry

7.1 the task appearance of piston, oil cylinder, valve and other parts of the hydraulic system shall be free of cracks and scratches. Look at the phenomenon of "blossoming inside the wall and fragrant outside the wall" dialectically.

throughout the development situation, international hardware brands began to occupy the domestic market by a large margin, and international hardware tool brands such as Stanley and Bosch entered China one after another to seize the market share

as the international famous hardware enterprises have the advantages that domestic enterprises cannot match in terms of management, brand technology shaping, marketing, channel integration and capital chain, the brand competition in the whole hardware market will continue to be fierce in the next few years. However, some export-oriented enterprises have turned to walking on two legs to make use of their advantages in the export market to build strong domestic brands under the difficult situation of unstable export environment

in this case, many enterprises resell their patents to foreign enterprises. If they are concerned by the industry and resold to foreign countries, they can calculate the value of work consumed in the punching sample according to the above formula. On this basis, they can stand higher and look further, and make some improvements and improvements on the basis of patents. Then such a brand can also rely on an international brand to move forward to a higher level

for whom do many patents "weave wedding clothes"

looking back at China's hardware enterprises, many patents are applied for every year. However, most of these patents have helped foreign enterprises make wedding clothes for others. As far as I know, almost every enterprise will boast how many patents it has. Among them, Delang products are novel and creative, and have successfully owned more than 1450 patents. At the same time, Delang has become one of the enterprises with the most patents in the bathroom hardware industry

no matter whether the patent figures are accurate or not, and no matter how many of these patents are really concerned by consumers, it can at least prove that the business believes that this is the embodiment of improving the brand value of the enterprise, and from the market performance, many patents mentioned by the business have not been really applied in the local market

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