The hottest hardware bathroom breaks the monopoly

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Hardware and bathroom break the monopoly of the market, and then help the interconnection

Abstract: for a long time, China's bathroom hardware products are cheap and beautiful, which are deeply loved by foreign dealers and consumers, and the export volume has doubled

people are becoming more and more enthusiastic about the quality of life. As a symbol of modern and luxurious life, sanitary ware has entered all aspects of people's life. In terms of modeling, bathroom products have appeared in the form of one-piece toilet, table basin series, one-piece toilet, women's toilet, squatting toilet, urinal, mop basin, column type or table type face wash, etc; In terms of use function, only the washing methods of sanitary ware products include rotary washing, silent washing, oblique washing, vertical dropping, siphon washing, jet washing, etc

for a long time, China's sanitary hardware products are cheap and beautiful, which are deeply loved by foreign dealers and consumers, and the export volume has doubled. However, with the gradual increase of export volume and the deterioration of the international economic situation, more and more countries began to implement various kinds of nearly stringent technical standards to manufacture trade barriers, which increased the difficulty for Chinese health enterprises to explore the foreign lock market. In the face of this trend, to solve the problem of trade protection, China's health enterprises must first rely on scientific and technological innovation to implement industrial standard upgrading

in order to ensure that the products put on the market meet the standards, the manufacturer shall establish a product control system. In addition to complying with local technical standards, sanitary products should also comply with the living habits and ways of thinking of local residents. At present, with the increasing export pressure, Chinese sanitary ware enterprises are paying more and more attention to the fact that the durability of genuine gold plate is not good. The product quality has been greatly improved. They try to meet the relevant technical standards and avoid the export disputes caused by standard barriers. With the gradual enhancement of the strength of China's health enterprises, the product standards of more and more health enterprises have reached or even exceeded the harsh product standards of foreign countries. High standard products and reasonable prices will become the key factors to break trade barriers, so as to win a larger overseas market

constant consistency

sanitary enterprises should also pay attention to the key points to win the affirmation of the market. "Baigujing" class hopes to use products of international standard, but their economic strength is not enough to consume products of high-end Jinmin automotive materials, so they often pursue "Marginalization", such as buying low-priced products and special products of famous brands. Therefore, many products can be organically combined, so that this class of friends can not only afford to consume, but also get the satisfaction of "petty bourgeoisie"

in the future, China's health enterprises should pay more attention to the construction and development of their own brands, develop their own brands, and do a good job in brand publicity and planning. There are ten domestic famous brands such as Dilang, Jiayi and vatio. According to the characteristics of foreign trade enterprises, enterprises should fully understand the changes in the market, appropriately grasp the scale of processing, combine OEM processing with the creation of private brands, reasonably determine the proportion of OEM processing and private brands, and learn the management and technology of world-famous brands through OEM processing, In addition, the company has established its popularity in the domestic and international markets through its own hardware brands, expanded the market share of its own brands, and improved the price competitiveness of enterprises since the rise of the concept of sharing bicycles in 2015

with the improvement of the economic form, the macro-control of national policies, and the continuous rise and development of real estate, the overall market situation of the bathroom hardware industry will certainly begin to develop with the market. In particular, many people have high demand for house purchase and decoration, which will continue in the future. Therefore, the bathroom hardware industry still has a lot of room for development, and the market prospect is full of expectations

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