The hottest Haojing glass won the 2019 national re

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Haojing glass won the top ten suppliers of national real estate technology core competitiveness in 2019. Recently, the chief engineer's house, the real estate and property branch of China Capital Construction Optimization Research Association and Zhongbo Jingdian Architectural Science Research Institute jointly held the "12th national real estate technology selection product innovation Exhibition" in Beijing Jinmao Yishengyuan Hotel to promote the continuous emergence of new products

as China's urbanization construction and industrial development enter the new normal, product upgrading and technological innovation have become the inevitable trend of industry development. During the development, construction, operation and maintenance of the project, the optimization of construction standards, product selection and supplier selection have become important factors for building function guarantee and cost. Discussions on Pu often touch on organic silicon control and quality improvement. Accelerating the transformation and upgrading of China's real estate industry, improving product supply quality and quality, and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises require a large amount of capital expenditure, which has become the primary goal of the whole industry

Haojing glass under Haojing group, as the scroll spring fatigue testing machine of the industrial chain, was evaluated as the representative of the supplier enterprise of the middle curtain wall glass, which was highly recognized by the industry and the organizing committee by virtue of its excellent product quality, innovative technology and continuous self-improvement, and was awarded the Title of "top 10 suppliers of national real estate core competitiveness in 2019"

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