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The hardware electroplating factory built a sunshine room to dry the electroplating metal sludge. Yesterday, it was learned from the "263" special action office of our city that recently, they made secret visits in Zhenwu Town, Jiangdu, Sanduo and Tangzhuang of Gaoyou. In the process of unannounced visits, it was found that some production enterprises were quite indifferent to environmental problems

[Zhenwu, Jiangdu]

cover the sunshine room to dry the electroplating sludge.

in Jingang machinery in Zhenwu Town, Jiangdu, unannounced visitors found that there were only a few sets of simple waste gas collection devices in the paint booth of the enterprise, and the three air vents were directly discharged. The exterior walls and windows of the workshop are red, and the leaves of green plants are also heavy. The development of the latest 3D bioprinting medical utilization largely depends on how researchers overcome a large number of practical obstacles and accumulate a lot of red powder. Obviously, the waste discharge standard is not up to standard. The boss of the enterprise arrived at the scene more than ten minutes later and claimed that the environmental impact assessment of the enterprise had not been approved

then, the influence of the surface roughness of the wood of the secret visitors on the performance was as follows: when they came to Jiangdu Zhenwu Hardware electroplating factory, they saw two bags of electroplating metal sludge placed in an open warehouse. On the top of the warehouse, the enterprise also built a sunshine room. When the secret visitors came in, they found that electroplating sludge was drying in the room. The person in charge of the enterprise explained that he wanted to save money by building a sunshine room to dry the electroplating sludge. Unannounced interviewers pointed out that the water content of electroplating sludge is very high. Without treatment by waste gas treatment facilities, drying will cause secondary pollution

[Gaoyou Sanduo, Tangzhuang]

chemical tanks and barrels are stored in the open air

in Gaoyou Sanduo town Kangjian Wood Products Co., Ltd., an unannounced visitor found that the wood products processing and recycling equipment is simple, and even the exhaust fan is not equipped with a dust filter bag, and dust is falling everywhere. The staff said that the factory workers collected and sealed the sawdust, and made it into particles for others after processing. In addition, there was no pollution. The unannounced visitors saw on the recycling device on the external wall of the plant that due to the long-term failure to clean up, the equipment accumulated a large amount of dust, and there was a problem of leakage. In the wood products gluing workshop nearby, the gluing production lines are not equipped with exhaust gas absorption devices, and the workers who are working are not wearing any protective equipment

later, the secret visitors came to Keda Chemical Co., Ltd. in Tangzhuang town and found that the color steel shed of the enterprise was rusty, the door of the warehouse storing hazardous wastes was damaged, and the external walls and floors were covered with leakage traces. According to the staff, due to the typhoon a few days ago, the entire ceiling was damaged, and now it is under urgent repair. The spots on the ground are not the residual liquid leaked from the hazardous waste warehouse

the unannounced visitors noticed that a large number of chemical tanks in the plant area were stored in the open air, and in other hazardous waste warehouses, rainwater mixed with residual liquid was deposited on the ground. According to the specifications for the construction of hazardous waste depots, the hazardous waste storage site should be equipped with cofferdams and emergency facilities, but the plant does not have any. As for the experiment itself, the municipal "263" special office hopes that the local government can effectively perform standardized supervision and eliminate potential environmental safety hazards. Xueshuwen

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