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Smart tooth artificial customer service: focus on online transformation and service efficiency improvement

in recent years, from Internet + to artificial intelligence, new economic forms such as mobile e-commerce, o2o and Internet finance have emerged in the commercial market with technological innovation. New forms lead to new changes: on the one hand, the quality of experience, especially service experience, largely determines the success or failure of a business operation; On the other hand, the extension of customer service has also been extended to the sales sector, taking on a more customer-oriented role

therefore, the importance of service for enterprises has gradually become prominent, and service competition has also become an important means for enterprises to retain customers. Enterprises must improve the service level of customer service personnel and reduce the cost of customer service, which is a problem that every enterprise is thinking about. At present, the traditional manual customer service tools can no longer meet the service needs of modern enterprises, such as the use of various platform tools such as,, and even FAQ, resulting in low service efficiency, poor experience, and lack of data precipitation. Wisdom tooth artificial customer service combines human and robot customer service perfectly, and focuses more on online transformation and service efficiency improvement

1. Don't lose a consulting customer, and the business opportunity conversion rate will increase by 30%

in the era of flow that is money, the cost for enterprises to obtain effective flow is getting higher and higher, so how to help enterprises accurately collect, effectively identify and actively intervene is particularly important. Wisdom tooth artificial customer service effectively resolves the potential danger of losing customers from the design of three functions: multi-channel coverage, user portrait and active marketing

Omni channel coverage reception response one-stop

multi channel access of wisdom tooth customer service, which can easily deploy the customer service system in multiple channels. Whether your customers come from desktop stations, mobile stations, Weibo, apps, email or SMS, they can be included in wisdom tooth customer service for one-stop response and management. While not omitting a customer, it also greatly improves the efficiency of customer service

(Figure: group channel access)

accurate user portrait decision-making is more intelligent

the purpose of user portrait is to enable enterprise employees to accurately reach users and improve service efficiency in the process of service. Wisdom tooth artificial customer service through customer analysis, browsing trajectory analysis, emotional value analysis and historical record analysis, accurate user portrait, so that enterprise decision-making is more intelligent

(Figure: user portrait analysis)

(1) customer analysis/browsing trajectory effectively identify customer information

ultimate service comes from in-depth and accurate insight into customers. Wisdom tooth manual customer service provides 360 comprehensive analysis of customers, which means that enterprises can effectively identify customer information. In the customer service workbench, you can know the customer's IP address, channel, source, browsing track, queuing time and other access information. The customer service staff can also appropriately supplement the customer's birthday, email and other contact information. Through in-depth insight into customers, customer service personnel can provide better matching services. All customer information will be saved to the customer center in real time to help enterprises establish a strong customer information sorting and data analysis center

(2) session list/history helps customer service solve problems easily

the session list on the left side of wisdom tooth customer service workbench displays the current session and history. Customer service can set sorting rules, including user access order, sorting by the time of the latest news, etc. Customer service can also star Mark and blackout users; When there is a situation that you can't solve by yourself and need help from others, the customer service staff can transfer it with one click to seek help from other customer service staff at the same time

(3) emotional value analysis is applied to public opinion monitoring, topic monitoring, word-of-mouth analysis and other scenes

wisdom tooth artificial customer service uses machine learning, public opinion analysis, statistical analysis and other technologies to evaluate emotion, and analyze the emotional value of customers and customer service staff, so as to make early warning and active intervention

active marketing service turns passive into active. In fact, this is a very common UV curing technology to improve online transformation

Peter, a famous American management scientist? Drucker has a classic saying: the only purpose of an enterprise is to create customers. Therefore, in customer service, active marketing service is particularly important. Wisdom tooth manual customer service realizes the active marketing service of business owners from the design of three functions: automatic pop-up invitation, active invitation conversation and hot issue recommendation, transforming passivity into initiative, and improving the transformation of online customers

(Figure: active marketing)

(1) automatic pop-up invitation is more convenient to find consultation channels

wisdom tooth customer service supports automatic pop-up invitation active conversation function. Customer service can actively set the pop-up time, frequency, and invitation script, and remind users to communicate with customer service after users browse on the station for a period of time. In this way, on the one hand, users can find consultation channels more conveniently. On the other hand, customer service also affects users' decisions through active marketing and ultimately improves users' order making rate

(2) actively invite sessions to predict and select high intention customers

for some important or high intention users, a long queue may affect the final cooperation. To solve this situation, wisdom tooth customer service provides the function of actively inviting conversations. Customer service can choose to receive some customers first through browsing tracks, past conversation records and other information, so as to convert high intention customers into orders faster and more actively, and improve the conversion rate

(3) hot issues recommend more accurate customer demand statistics

different from manual judgment based on feeling and experience, or complex statistics based on tables, wisdom tooth customer service provides rich and real-time data analysis. Enterprises can understand multi-dimensional customer concerns in different regions, different service channels and different time periods, form statistics of hot business issues, and provide accurate data support for enterprise product improvement and service optimization

2. Efficient and high-quality service, and the order rate increased by 50%

if the satisfaction index of customer service process is disassembled, it is basically equivalent to the fast speed of service connection and the smooth problem attribution and solution in the communication process. Wisdom tooth artificial customer service helps enterprises improve service efficiency from three aspects: reception mode, rich media communication and robot assisted labor

four reception methods match different business reception scenarios

if your enterprise selects both artificial customer service and intelligent customer service robot products of wisdom tooth customer service, there are four reception modes: robot customer service first, artificial customer service first, robot customer service only, and artificial customer service only. The four working modes can be switched at will to meet the needs of different customer service scenarios

rich media communication with both voice and emotion doubles the service efficiency.

wisdom tooth customer service supports rich media communication with both voice and emotion, including pictures, voice, expressions, text, product links, etc., which is in line with customers' diversified and personalized communication habits

robot customer service reception/auxiliary manual customer service second level response

wisdom tooth robot applies natural language understanding and machine learning technology to customer service scenarios for customer service reception and auxiliary manual, which not only supports quick reply, but also can quickly retrieve, realize second level response to customer problems, and greatly improve the service efficiency of enterprises

(1) quick reply realize the second quick reply to customer questions

customer service personnel can personalize their own quick reply, including personal and corporate public. In this way, when customers initiate simple communication or ask common questions, customer service can achieve second level rapid response

(2) the robot assists the manual realization of doubling the efficiency of customer service.

during the manual customer service session, the robot will automatically give the reference answer on the right side of the workbench according to the customer's questions and keywords for manual selection and reply. At this time, the manual customer service can quickly complete the common question reply by simply clicking the reply or processing on the basis of the reference answer. The efficiency of customer service has been doubled without the mode of original hand tapping, search knowledge base, or complex jump. More importantly, even the most immature customer service newcomers, with the robot's reference response, the service quality will soar, ensuring the optimal level of the entire customer service team

(3) fast search realizes automatic matching of customer response scripts

in order to better improve the efficiency of customer service, wisdom tooth customer service supports fast search: that is, in the process of manual customer service and user interaction, only need to input a symbol #, the robot will automatically search according to the content that customer service has entered, judge the scripts that customer service may need to use, and customer service only needs one click to quickly realize common replies

3. Powerful statistical reports and perfect distillation of business data

data has always been a hidden gold mine for the refined operation of enterprises. It plays an important role in the scientific management and supervision of enterprises, and is also the main basis for enterprises to formulate policies and plans. Wisdom tooth workers' customer service has powerful data statistics and visual reporting functions to help enterprises carry out service data statistics and comprehensive customer insight, which not only provides support for quantitative customer service management, but also makes enterprise services more suitable for customers' needs and thoughts

(Figure: powerful statistical reports)

service data statistics provide support for quantitative customer service management

wisdom tooth manual customer service can output customer service workload statistical reports, quality inspection and satisfaction evaluation reports, so that customer service management has rules to follow

(1) customer service workload statistical report improve customer service KPI formulation and assessment

customer service workload statistical report can clearly show the work of a customer service in a customized time period, including the length of time, the number of known reception sessions, response rate, response time, average response time, etc. Through these data, we can intuitively reflect the saturation of customer service work, and provide data reference and decision support for enterprise KPI assessment

(2) quality inspection provides rich and customizable settings

managers can customize quality inspection rules according to enterprise rules and business requirements. After the rules are established, quality inspectors can conduct quality inspection for each session. They can not only carefully check the chat records of each tester's acceptance of 9 precautions, but also sample them according to their own business. Managers can check the quality inspection scores and the work records of quality inspectors

(3) satisfaction evaluation report overall controls the service quality

wisdom tooth provides a satisfaction evaluation report that can be inspected in multiple dimensions. Managers can set various conditions for satisfaction analysis, such as satisfaction analysis of different time periods, different customer channels, different customer service groups, a specific customer service person or different stars. With the successful development of graphene based fast charging mobile power supply and mass production of these data, enterprises can control the service quality as a whole and formulate effective follow-up improvement strategies

customers' all-round insight makes the service more suitable for customers' needs and thoughts

360 degree analysis of customers can better serve customers and make the service more efficient. Wisdom tooth manual customer service has an all-round insight into customer needs from two aspects: customer access analysis report and session record report

(Figure: customer orientation analysis)

(1) customer interview analysis report promotes customer service scheduling and allocation of market resources

Customer interview analysis report of wisdom tooth customer service, which promotes enterprises to appropriately allocate customer service scheduling. In addition, it also reflects the attention of enterprises to different people, different channels and different regions, so as to allocate market for the next step

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