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Full of confidence, continuous innovation

full of confidence, continuous innovation | ExxonMobil appears in 2018. The building materials industry should be more aware that the development of new materials is complementary to the building materials industry, structural adjustment, increasing effective supply, accelerating the transformation and development of the national international exhibition of lubricants and applied technology

China Construction machinery information

during the just concluded 2018 China International Exhibition of lubricants and applied technology, ExxonMobil introduced the challenges faced by formulators and how to provide solutions to enable formulators to innovate confidently. In the future, formula designers can rely on the support of ExxonMobil high-performance synthetic base oil to further develop their skills and create value-added lubricant solutions for customers

customer voice: the market is in urgent need of high-performance synthetic base oil

at present, the market demand for the next generation of lubricating grease based on high-performance base oil continues to grow. ExxonMobil Chemical predicts that the overall global demand for lubricating oil will continue to grow, and the demand for synthetic lubricating oil will accelerate, mainly due to the significant increase in the demand for lubricating oil and energy efficiency in developing countries. Based on this, the improvement of fuel economy, the requirements for environmental protection, especially the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and the demand for the improvement of global energy efficiency all make equipment manufacturers put forward higher requirements for high-quality oil products

in an exclusive interview with China Lubricant information (), lubricant market magazine, Sachin Maheshwari, global digital customer experience manager of ExxonMobil Chemical, shared several sets of data. In 2017, the total demand for lubricants was 34million tons, and this figure will grow rapidly and steadily. "It is predicted that in the field of passenger cars, the penetration rate of synthetic lubricants will increase from 23% in 2017 to 27% in 2021; in the field of heavy trucks, it will increase from 5% to 6%, which will also bring a profit increase of 20%; in the field of industry, the penetration rate of synthetic lubricants and greases will increase from 10% to 11% It can be seen that synthetic lubricants and greases are needed in many applications, from railway to wind turbine bearings, to help cope with the harsh working conditions of temperature and mechanical loads. "The mpao and Pao products of ExxonMobil Chemical can meet these new trends."

at the exhibition site, ExxonMobil Chemical (EMC) shared a detailed market survey "customer voice" with the media and customers. The survey results show that the secrets for Chinese lubricant formulation designers to stand out from the competition are "developing high-quality lubricants", "accelerating the pace of successful commercialization" and "continuous innovation". The formulators pointed out that their biggest concern was to spend time, energy and resources to develop a product that might miss the market window and was not commercially viable. Therefore, it is particularly important for base oil suppliers to ensure reliable and stable supply and provide comprehensive testing and technical information support. "This requires us not only to supply good products, but also to customize the formula needs of customers in specific industries."

ExxonMobil: high performance synthetic base oil meets the needs of formula designers

at the China International lubricant and application technology exhibition, ExxonMobil showed various synthetic base oils:

· spectrasyn elite ™ Metallocene polymer α Olefins and traditional polymers α Compared with olefins, it has better shear stability, higher viscosity index (VI) and better low-temperature fluidity, and can achieve higher blending efficiency and performance

· SpectraSyn ™ gather α Olefin - can provide comprehensive viscosity and meet the requirements of synthetic and semi synthetic lubricants

· SpectraSyn Plus ™ gather α Olefins and traditional polymers α Compared with olefins, olefins have lower volatility and better low-temperature fluidity, which helps to meet the challenges of extending oil change cycle and improving energy efficiency

· Synesstic ™ Alkyl naphthalene (an) - provides additive solubility and seal compatibility, with excellent hydrolytic stability, thermal stability and oxidation stability

· Esterex ™ Ester - provides the solubility of additives, the compatibility of seals and different degrees of biodegradability, and enhances the lubricating ability

Dr. Li Lin, customer support engineer of ExxonMobil synthetic base oil, said: "Formula designers understand the advantages of synthetic base oils over traditional mineral base oil solutions. Our leading position in the global synthetic base oil market has brought innovative confidence to our customers because they know that we will provide base oils with excellent quality all over the world. These base oils have been fully tested and meet the corresponding specifications. The needs often change, so we focus on formula design The division is equipped with various solutions to enable it to take advantage of these opportunities. "

be confident and work with customers to meet the challenge of transmission system upgrading

at present, in order to meet the more stringent requirements of energy conservation, environmental protection and emission standards, many car companies are increasing the layout of hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles. In order to reduce the weight, cost and package size, the electric vehicle industry needs to further integrate the motor and transmission system, and at the same time, realize the customized design with higher efficiency. Therefore, how to adapt the lubricating oil technology to the new requirements of transmission system upgrading has undoubtedly become a major topic in the industry

"this is an opportunity and challenge for our lubricant and base oil manufacturers." Sachin pointed out in an exclusive interview with China Lubricant information () and lubricant market magazine that no matter how the oil scene changes for pure electric, hybrid or fuel engine vehicles, lubricant plays an important role in power assemblies. Among them, the introduction of 150000 ton die forging hydraulic press made in Germany is the die forging hydraulic press with the first forging capacity and the first precision in China at present, The essence of its performance improvement lies in wear resistance and durability. "For electric vehicles, we must consider the structure of the transmission when making the oil design scheme, because the electronic module is closer to the transmission and shaft; the second is to consider that the operating temperature will be very high due to the existence of electricity; the third is to consider that new materials, such as copper, have increased the sensitivity of corrosion. In addition to the structural changes brought about by electric vehicles, we can also consider using low viscosity oil, because it is more economical Yes, it can reduce friction loss and maximize battery power. "

ExxonMobil Chemical believes that oxidation stability is the key to achieve these goals, which is also a problem that its synthetic base oil pays special attention to solve. "It can be said that our current Pao has been able to meet these performance needs. As a leader in the global synthetic base oil market, ExxonMobil Chemical 'is full of confidence and continuous innovation', committed to working with vehicle manufacturers and transmission design manufacturers to jointly develop and supply fetscher with high-quality and high-performance base oil, adding that it will better meet the irreversible demand changes brought by pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles and enhance customer innovation Our confidence! "

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