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Smart Taopu embraces the future: cloud video has brought a big wave of benefits to Taopu enterprises

Keywords: Poly Boyi, general agent of Southern Telecom, clariti cloud video, Polycom, intelligent conference

Taopu smart city

smart Taopu embraces the future

Taopu smart city is the last large-scale intelligent industrial park within the outer ring of Shanghai, It is also the main battlefield of Putuo's economic development. In the coming months, the market trend of plastic machinery in the United States will also rebound further. It will be an important growth pole in the future, and it is also the frontier position for Putuo to serve the overall development situation of Shanghai and the national innovation and development strategy

in 2019, the transformation of hero Commercial Office (reserved building) in plot 604 was completed on schedule. The project uses new generation information technology means such as IOT, artificial intelligence, algorithm recognition, cloud computing, etc. to build a smart building platform based on Cloud Architecture

Southern Telecom was fortunate to participate in the project, providing technical support for the project construction, such as poly clariti cloud video conference solution, intelligent guide system and conference room audio transformation, and assisting plot 604 to become a model project of the whole park in the future, playing a pioneering and leading role in the overall transformation of Taopu region

necessary cloud video conference scheme for intelligent conference room

the design and planning of video conference room provided by Southern Telecom for hero commercial office in plot 604 of Taopu Zhichuang city includes lecture hall, senior conference room, senior conference room, medium-sized conference room and the overall cloud video conference system

Southern Telecom cloud video conference solution is at the forefront of video conference cloud. The project system adopts poly clariti core platform technology, and the overall design meets the application of video conference functions in various scenes: the display is clear and eye-catching

multimedia conference room system supporting construction

the lecture hall can accommodate about 150 people, and the row seat conference type can be combined and partitioned through partition. Poly Boyi video conference equipment has been deployed, mainly for report type meetings

senior conference room

there are two senior conference rooms, which can accommodate about 32 people and 26 people respectively. Both of them are of the long table type. The functions and configurations of the two senior conference rooms are the same. The deployed poly Boyi video conference equipment is mainly used for remote small and medium-sized audio and video conferences, local discussion conferences and leadership conferences

medium sized conference China is still in the stage of in-depth development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization room

medium sized video conference room can accommodate about 12 people, which is a long table conference. It is mainly used for remote discussion meetings

program highlights

multiple scene calls:

the highly integrated intelligent conference room realizes one key control of conference room audio zoning and audio mode calls. Realize simple switching between local conference and video conference audio mode

intelligent camera tracking:

video conference camera tracking enables intelligent face recognition and voice positioning technology. At the same time, desktop microphones can call the prefabricated positions of multi stand HD cameras in the venue for manual camera tracking backup

day microphone pickup:

ceiling microphone can be configured with up to eight three-dimensional pickup areas at the same time, so as to provide consistent sound performance in the whole conference room. Each ceiling matrix pickup area can be automatically adjusted to the best pickup position of the speaker to achieve perfect pickup

intelligent conference system:

based on IOT and mobile Internet technology, it integrates audio and video conferencing, wireless screen projection, face recognition, environmental intelligent adjustment and equipment cloud fault monitoring and maintenance, and strives to build a modern intelligent conference system that is intelligent, perceptual, interconnected, shared and safe

conference room management background:

the conference room IOT management background can be applied to cross system and cross network software and hardware combination products, which can realize the functions of remote query, control, alarm, authority management and conference reservation for electronic devices. The interconnection protocol, IOT protocol, mobile interconnection protocol and private protocols of various electronic devices can be unified and integrated by using cloud IOT server or local IOT server, so as to achieve the connection of things Purpose of equipment control

in the future, all information systems of plot 604 of Taopu Zhichuang city will be opened to settled enterprises. As a domestic company, China Southern Telecom focuses on multimedia communication 5. Limit protection: it has two-level limit protection functions of mechanical and program control; The service provider of information and application solutions has a strong technical team. It has the ability of R & D, design, service, manufacturing and innovation, extends from the early data communication business to the unified collaboration business, and is committed to helping users' business growth through professional services

poly Boyi's cloud video is free, and the free trial of poly Boyi's business headset is in progress. Send a private message to Xiaonan, leave a message at the end of the text, or search Southern Telecom to quickly apply for you

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