The hottest wise man in wireless data transmission

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The wise man of wireless data transmission

Beijing in early spring is chilly. The cold outside did not affect the warm discussion atmosphere in the flying flag conference room at all. The project approval meeting of Feiqi on the new product development plan in 2007 has been held for three consecutive days

Feiqi Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales and service of wireless communication products, located in Zhongguancun, Beijing. The company gathers a group of excellent professional management talents, high-quality marketing team and strong R & D force of wireless mobile communication

wireless data communication is developed on the basis of wired data communication. Wired data communication depends on wired transmission, so it is only suitable for the communication between fixed terminals and computers or computers. Wireless data communication transmits data through the transmission of wireless network, realizing mobile communication in the mobile state. Gsm/gprs/cdma wireless communication has sprung up in recent years. At present, it has been selected by various industries as the best way of wireless transmission, and its application prospect is generally promising

since the establishment of the company, Feiqi has put forward the business philosophy of "taking benevolence as the root and people-oriented" and taken the road of professional development. The emphasis is on the stability, reliability and convenience of products. With the attitude of being responsible for customers, Feiqi gradually launched into the market after long-term and repeated tests in different environments. Great efforts have been made in the functionality and stability of terminal products, and full communication has been made with local network operators, industry customers and system integrators. Guided by customer needs, continuous efforts have been made to upgrade software and hardware for many times, and the functions have become more and more perfect

in terms of application and promotion, Feiqi, together with China Mobile and China Unicom, jointly carries out product commercial testing and industrial application and promotion. The company produces and can modify formulas by itself to improve the compatibility between test data and networks, which has been affirmed and praised by network operators

Feiqi's good capital background and innovative incentive system continue to become a person with excellent braking performance 8 It is a magnet with obvious dislocation on the edge of the joint surface of key parts of the electronic tensile testing machine. Feiqi has always adhered to the strategic policy of strong alliance, and has established strategic partnerships with many domestic industries, complementing each other's advantages and fearing fierce competition in the industry. Feiqi is clearly aware that the gap between domestic and foreign enterprises is shrinking, and strives to be a wise person in wireless data transmission and make full use of talent interconnection

Feiqi's main products are gsm/gprs/cdma modem, gprs/cdma DTU, gprs/cdma router (single and multi-channel binding with VPN function), CDMA wireless video server (single and multi-channel binding). It is widely used in electric power, environmental protection, water conservancy, meteorology and other departments. Feiqi has always adhered to technology leadership and innovation to ensure that all products sold are the most advanced products in the industry

Feiqi thanks the strong support of new and old users, and will further adjust the price and improve the after-sales service, so that everyone can enjoy the latest technology products at the most preferential price, and further improve the cost performance of products

with the issuance and official commercial use of the national 3G license, wireless data communication technology will be more widely used in China's industrial fields, especially in the mobile video industry. Feiqi will provide customers with data transmission terminals based on 3G network platform. Feiqi will further expand the international market while continuously consolidating the domestic market

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