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"Smart change wins the future", phiidf 2016 is passionate about Beijing

on May 30, 2016, Phoenix Contact phiidf 2016 (2016 Phoenix Contact innovation and Industry Development Forum) kicked off at the Beijing International Conference Center, providing guests with an industrial control feast integrating innovative products, intelligent solutions and advanced intelligent manufacturing concepts. With the successful holding of phiidf for four consecutive years, it has become one of the most important events in the industry

this phiidf will last for three days. With the theme of "smart to win, connect the smart world, and help make in China 2025", including the main forum, sub forums, exhibition hall visits and other activities, it will comprehensively display the core competitiveness of Phoenix Contact and lead you into a future oriented Phoenix contact smart world

main forum/deep thinking and emotional sharing

phoenix contact is a loyal partner of customers and will face the challenges of the new era with customers

at the main forum held on the morning of the 30th, Mr. Steinberg, CEO of Phoenix Contact Group, explained the 2023 strategy of Phoenix Contact Group released this year, aiming to build a real century old store

Mr. Sternberg said: in today's digital era, all enterprises are facing great challenges. Phoenix contact is a loyal partner of customers and will face the challenges of the new era with customers. To this end, phoenix contact will continue to promote its core business, adhere to continuous innovation, maintain the dominant position in the market, and build a global structure to develop new businesses. Phoenix contact will actively participate in made in China 2025, strengthen local cooperation, strengthen intercontinental cooperation, establish strategic partnership, and be ready to enter industry 4.0. As one of the three global competitiveness centers of Phoenix Contact, the Chinese company, like the American company, will establish a structure similar to that of Germany to build its core competitiveness. Detailed introduction of the wheel radial impact tester, President of the Chinese company. Mr. Gu Jiandang also officially entered the Executive Committee of the group this year. The Chinese strategy will be further integrated into the global strategy. The group will pay more attention to the Chinese market and firmly support its business in China

in the face of resources, only Phoenix Nirvana can surpass the past

Gu Jiandang, President of Phoenix Contact China, closely followed the 2023 strategy of the group company, and the Chinese company also made corresponding plans to fully escort the 2023 strategy of the group. Gu Jiandang, President of Phoenix Contact China, shared this

facing the new stage under the new normal, China's manufacturing industry is facing difficulties and challenges that have not been encountered in three decades: overcapacity, forced by natural and human resources, new technology and new industries trying to subvert traditional industries. Only Phoenix Nirvana can surpass the past

president Gu believes that in the new era, the successful model led by industrial civilization must fully understand the needs of customers and form good interaction. The essence of leading the future lies in quality and innovation. We should use local innovation to lead the future, actively think about how to combine energy and information, how to transform from macro to micro, from general trend to actual implementation, help make in China 2025, and help customers move towards the future

president Gu Jiandang also jointly released the phased achievements of the industrial investment fund of Phoenix Contact (China) Investment Co., Ltd. at the forum with representatives of many excellent domestic enterprises, institutions and institutions, such as Jiangsu Provincial Institute of economics and information technology, Jiangsu Provincial Association for the promotion of Soviet business development, Nanjing University of technology, Shanghai Lichi software, Nanjing aodesi electric, and Aixin

this shows that phoenix contact will adhere to the combination of software and hardware, the combination of virtual and real, cross-border integration, help intelligent manufacturing, connect reliable people and things, actively promote strategic alliances and strategic cooperation, work with partners to create an industrial ecosystem, win-win cooperation, return to value creation, and join hands with intelligence to win the future

at this stage, intelligent manufacturing is a hot spot, but made in China needs to think coldly in the heat

Zhu sendi, consultant of China Machinery Industry Federation

Professor Zhu sendi, consultant of China Machinery Industry Federation, shared with the guests the theme report entitled "implementation and thinking of made in China 2025"

professor zhusendi said that at this stage, intelligent manufacturing is a hot spot, but made in China needs to think coldly in the heat. Unlike German industry 4.0, made in China 2025 is formulated for China's national conditions. For China's manufacturing industry, where most enterprises are in industry 2.0 stage, it is first necessary to make up lessons for enterprises in industry 2.0 stage, popularize 3.0, let 4.0 play an exemplary role, transplant digital and automated technologies to 2.0 and 3.0 enterprises, vigorously develop green manufacturing, promote the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization, and promote service-oriented manufacturing, Build China's intelligent manufacturing in an all-round way, and move from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. Professor Zhu also drew a blueprint for a powerful manufacturing country and put forward the key points for the implementation of "made in China 2025", which aroused the deep resonance of the guests present

innovative materials are used for engine utilization and door structure

you have interconnection, and I have connectors

vice president of Phoenix Contact China and Ambassador of Phoenix Contact Industry 4.0

Dr. Du ziyao Pinsheng, vice president of Phoenix Contact China and Ambassador of Phoenix Contact Industry 4.0, deeply interpreted the German industry 4.0 strategy with his unique speech style. His humorous expression and simple explanation won many warm applause from the audience

he said that industry 4.0 is a good medicine, but it cannot cure all diseases. In order to maintain Germany's leading position in the manufacturing field, industry 4.0 came into being to reshape the German industrial spirit and revitalize the German manufacturing industry. The core of industry 4.0 is the reform of production and manufacturing mode and the promotion of valuable innovation. Industry 4.0 is not transformation, but upgrading. It is an upgraded version of automated production, intelligent production, the interconnection between people, products and machines, and the integration of informatization, automation, digitization and industrialization. In the Internet era, only by moving from industry 4.0 to product 4.0 can the competitiveness of enterprises be continuously enhanced. Phoenix contact has been on the path of product 4.0. You have Internet, I have connector

sub forum/technology discussion thought collision

at the multi sub forum held at the same time on the afternoon of the 30th, Phoenix Contact experts and guests jointly discussed hot topics in the industry such as new energy, machinery manufacturing, smart electricity and electric vehicles, industrial information security, charging and exchange solutions, intelligent system solutions and applications, and released 2016 new industrial devices and industrial electronics products, new automation products New products such as connectors and electronic module shells have comprehensively demonstrated the core competitiveness of Phoenix Contact

in addition, Mr. Ling yongzhuo, chairman of Shanghai Lichi Software Co., Ltd., a strategic partner of Phoenix Contact, also shared the essence of views on data and intelligent manufacturing. He believes that data has become an asset. The largest companies in the traditional industry are companies with data assets. In the future, the largest company in the electrical industry may also be data companies. Data assets are the largest assets of mankind and the cornerstone of intelligent manufacturing. The realization of intelligent manufacturing is based on the access to key data

exhibition area/intuitive and detailed zero distance experience

after the forum with dry goods, the guests visited the exhibition hall for future smart manufacturing, including six parts: digital manufacturing and industry 4.0, competitiveness solutions, industry solutions, partner display, innovative products and interactive activities in the experience area. Here you can see the latest products, technologies and solutions that first appeared at the 2016 Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany. You can also experience the products and services of intelligent manufacturing most intuitively, personally understand the development trend of industry 4.0 and made in China 2025, and understand Phoenix Contact's innovative concept of intelligent win-win future

at the same time, the on-site experience interactive area also prepared interesting interactive games for everyone. Spinning with passion lit up the intelligent world, treasure hunting won the grand prize, free printing photos and other interesting and sincere games, which attracted many guests to stop and participate

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