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Witnesses said that there were less than 20 people on the 5th floor of the fire in Jixian County, Tianjin

Xinhua Tianjin channel, July 7 (Liu Yuanxu) learned on the 6th that all 10 victims of the 6.30 fire accident in Jixian County, Tianjin have been signed and claimed by their families through technical means, and 7 of the 16 injured who are still in hospital for observation are also eligible for discharge, and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. Two salesmen on the fifth floor of Ryder commercial building who stayed in the hospital for observation recalled that when the fire broke out, there were less than 20 salesmen and customers on the fifth floor

there was a power failure at that time. Someone shouted to us to hurry to the first floor, and we ran down the stairs. In Jixian people's Hospital, he Li, a salesman of Boyang home textile on the fifth floor of Laide commercial building, told that the business area on the fifth floor was not large. At that time, there were only 3 customers, plus a dozen salespersons per shift, a total of less than 20 people. When they ran to the second floor and found smoke on the first floor, they broke the glass on the second floor with high heels and evacuated along the ladder that had been erected outside

the situation described by He Li is basically the same as that described by Wang Huiying, another salesperson on the fifth floor interviewed. Wang Huiying said that when a dozen of them ran to the second floor, because the smoke on the first floor was very thick, they broke the glass on the second floor and escaped along the ladder. When it was especially difficult to make the sample gap, the fire fighting and found out the possible problems. The officers and soldiers had arrived, and the trapped people on the third floor with the help of the fire officers and soldiers evacuated along the ladder before me

then interviewed the personnel of fire protection, hospitals, civil affairs, safety supervision, public security and other relevant departments who participated in the fire rescue or investigation, and they also told the relevant situation

Li Ming, director of the war training division of the headquarters of the Tianjin public security fire brigade, who directly participated in the on-site fire fighting and search and rescue, said that the recording records of the 119 command center showed that from 15:41 p.m. that day, the fire was received to the Yuyang squadron of the Jixian detachment under the jurisdiction and arrived at the fire site 4 The difference between impact testing machine and universal machine is that it only takes 8 minutes to report the on-site situation to the command center by radio. At 15:49 on the same day, when the first batch of firefighters arrived, most of the personnel had been evacuated and evacuated. Firefighters set up a 6-meter and 15 Mira ladder from the outside, successfully rescued 31 people, and the rest of the trapped people were temporarily transferred to the safety zone of the roof platform. Later, 22 trapped people on the roof were successfully rescued by the ladder truck. From 18:15, the remains of 10 victims were found one after another

after 10 victims were found, fire officers and soldiers conducted four rounds of search and rescue on the scene, and no other victims were found. Li Ming said that the number of victims was finally determined to be 10

Li Jidong, assistant to the president of Ji County People's Hospital, who directly participated in the command of hospital treatment, said that none of the victims died from jumping from a building. After confirmed death, 2. Put forward higher requirements for the clamping jaw of the experimental machine: the clamping surface is long, has high hardness and toughness, and the clamping tooth surface has been treated with a certain technology;, The body was sent to the funeral home by the civil affairs department

at present, all 10 bodies have been signed and claimed by their families. Qin Tiejun, director of the office of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Ji County, said that the cremation work was proceeding in an orderly manner

according to the Tianjin police, so far, no alarm has been received that someone is missing in the fire. (end)

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