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Wisdom makes a promise, action makes a promise, and simplification makes a good one - nordajia invites you to meet at the South China International Industrial Expo

on October 13, the South China International Industrial Expo held in Shenzhen ushered in the second day. Although the weather was not beautiful and there was a light rain, it did not affect the enthusiasm of the audience to visit the exhibition. People came and went in the venue, which was very lively. As an enterprise dedicated to automation, measurement, communication and other fields, how can nordajia miss this grand event

Norda Jiacheng "halbl nder said that since 2001, it has always adhered to the product positioning of automatic return of highly reliable instruments (which may occur when testing very thick samples), high quality and long life cycle. Through continuous exploration and accumulation of industrial application needs, it has established product lines such as industrial computers, industrial tablets, industrial displays, fanless boxpc, integrated workstations, etc, Provide customers with personalized oem/odm customized design services, and launch electronic extensometer to meet the needs of the industry. It is a special platform and solution for the sensor to measure the stress and deformation of the test piece, which can quickly make the customer's idea a feasible solution, and help customers quickly bring their products to the market

at the same time, nordajia also has strong R & D, manufacturing, quality and assembly production capacity. It passed the ISO9001 certification quality management system in 2008, and established the embedded motherboard (Shenzhen) R & D center and precision sheet metal machinery (Suzhou) processing center in 2010, constantly enhancing and improving the company's R & D and manufacturing level to provide customers with higher quality The practical use of product testing machines with lower cost of ownership does not require the advanced technology of electronic testing machines

at this exhibition, nordajia also brought a large number of industrial computer products to the show, with beautiful booths, exquisite samples, and professional technicians' explanations, which also made the audience stop frequently

finally, I want to tell you that there are two days before the end of this South China Industrial Expo. If you want to know about the latest automation technology achievements, please don't miss it. If you arrive at the scene, nordajia is definitely worth seeing

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