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Wisdom tooth technology works together to sell easy CRM, which makes service easy.

in 2015, enterprise service has become hot in China. As an important segment of enterprise service, sales management is widely concerned both inside and outside the industry

salesee is the world's first cloud CRM product that perfectly integrates social and mobile technologies. Its load stiffness will also change greatly at different stages of the experiment. It uses advanced mobile Internet, social network and cloud computing technologies to reconstruct CRM. In the past four years since its establishment, salese has continuously applied innovative technologies to the field of sales management, absorbed the best practices of international and domestic sales management, created a set of overall solutions to build an efficient sales management team, and become the most professional service provider in the field of China mobile sales management

has won the favor of thousands of paying enterprises such as didi Chuxing, Taikang Life Insurance, focus media, digital China, Nader, Beijing Kerui, and the renewal rate in 2015 was more than 85%

the original CRM is process automation + customer data recording, while the new service is to help enterprises closely connect customers, products and partners, and turn this internal and external relationship into a real customer relationship. Sales is easy to do this thing in a down-to-earth manner. Shi Yanze, founder of sales Yi, said

for SaaS software, as the hottest and most popular connection between electromechanical and oil pump in enterprise services, it adopts the entrepreneurial field of elastic coupling. If you want to break through the deep-water area, you must understand the needs of enterprise users, rather than simply transform the enterprise with Internet technology. The emphasis on user needs makes sales easy to pay attention to customer service. Different from the business type of TOC, the question consultation direction of selling easy products is relatively focused, and the answer also requires the professional services of technicians. It virtually puts forward higher requirements for the customer service department of waste plastic particles. The original customer service system has been unable to support the customer service demand:

while China is basically in the initial stage. After full research on the customer service market, In August 2016, we reached a cooperation with wisdom tooth customer service to complete the docking deployment:

1. Robot + labor + work order, zero waiting, and effectively improve the customer experience. Robots give priority to answering, do not queue up, and there is no delay. They can block more than 2/3 of the questions, and the unanswerable questions are transferred to manual processing. During manual processing, robots assist people to obtain the best answer from the knowledge base to help them reply quickly; When you encounter a problem that cannot be solved by manual customer service, you can enter a work order, and relevant colleagues from other departments of the company will answer it cooperatively, so that the whole enterprise system can operate cooperatively around customer service

2. Multi entry business embedding: just a simple deployment operation, through the code embedded in the background of the station, wisdom tooth customer service will be embedded in the sales change official, and the pre-sales, after-sales and technical support consultation will be shunted respectively, so that the sales can easily complete the multi entry service system architecture and access users to complete smooth communication

3. Rich real-time statistical data help sales improve customer service KPIs and establish a perfect customer service assessment system; Wisdom tooth customer service also helps sales Yi constantly improve the knowledge base and quickly complete the customer service script

after the increasing number of visitors' inquiries were connected to wisdom tooth customer service, the problem-solving rate increased significantly and the word-of-mouth effect increased day by day. Up to now, wisdom tooth customer service has provided customer service support for UFIDA, speed cloud, aerospace information, central control technology and other enterprise services

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