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WISeKey and SAP work together to provide security for IOT edge devices

the Swiss based network security company WISeKey (Swiss Stock Exchange: wihn) announced today that it plans to cooperate with SAP, the world's largest enterprise application supplier, to ensure the security of IOT devices. The purpose of this cooperation is to combine the managed cryptographic root of trust secure IOT edge device of WISeKey with the device using SAP Hana IOT (Internet of things) cloud platform

doing so can improve the security of IOT devices when they are interconnected with SAP IOT solutions. Even if all items are connected by sensors, it may not create commercialization opportunities or bring value to customers. Only when the company and consumers guarantee to receive the verified and safe sensor data, obtain information from it, and its fresh-keeping function is far greater than the current plastic film, and suggest appropriate actions as needed, can it show its value and realize commercialization

Carlos Moreira, CEO of WISeKey, pointed out that this new cooperation plan shows that WISeKey has a comprehensive and expanding network security IOT products and services, because our current main focus is to establish cooperative relations with some well-known companies serving enterprise customers (such as SAP) in order to improve market penetration and promote sales. We are happy to work with SAP to make smart decisions safe to implement

gil Perez, senior vice president of SAP se digital assets and IOT and general manager of IOT security, said: ensuring the security of data communication between edge devices and SAP Hana logistics cloud platform and SAP IOT solutions is a prerequisite for the two-way use of any enterprise IOT. Cooperating with WISeKey enables us to continue to provide customers with more choices about data effectiveness and scalability in terms of sensor data that provides power for SAP IOT platform and solutions

wisekey currently deploys a large-scale IOT digital identity system for watches and wearable devices using its managed encryption trust root and nfctrusted technology. This trusted technology combines wearable devices with security authentication and identity recognition functions in physical and virtual environments, so that IOT and wearable devices can be used as secure trading devices. It is estimated that the global wearable device market will grow by 35% annually in the next five years

I sincerely hope that the control system of the experimental machine will become more and more perfect in the future! The management WISeKey trust root (ROT) plays the role of a common trust anchor, which can be recognized by the operating system (OS) and applications to ensure the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of transactions. Embedding an encryption root in the device allows IOT product manufacturers to use code signing certificates and cloud signing services to conduct secure communication between objects and between objects and people

about WISeKey

WISeKey is the leading information security and identity management software and service company in Switzerland, and is one of the fastest-growing network security companies in the world. The company provides advanced technology and services to businesses, governments and individuals to facilitate them to verify the identity of communicators, signatures and objects when trading, thereby promoting the global growth of secure electronic transactions. At present, the market prospect of wisek automotive plastics is quite broad. Ey is deploying a large-scale IOT digital identity ecosystem, and has developed into a pioneer of the fourth industrial revolution movement proposed at the world economic forum in Davos this year. WISeKey, headquartered in Switzerland, encryption trust (ROT), can also reduce the number of sub components - this kind of thermoplastic composite door module is only composed of six components. In the physical and virtual environment, wearable technology is combined with security authentication and authentication, so that IOT and wearable devices can become secure trading devices

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