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Wisdom tooth customer service shared how to improve customer service efficiency at xiaomanyao conference. The experimental results of the two-day 2017 xiaomanyao technology conference are shown in Table 2, figures 1 to 3. The global mobile developer conference and Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum opened in Guangzhou on October 12. Wen Guohui, mayor of Guangzhou, and Xiong Xiaoge, global chairman of IDG capital, attended the main forum and delivered speeches

xiaomanyao technology conference was upgraded from Android global developer conference, initiated and hosted by IDG. In 2016, the first event was successfully held in Guangzhou and settled in Guangzhou. The theme of this conference is to foresee the future, It mainly focuses on artificial intelligence. It includes a main forum and 13 parallel forums, with themes including Internet + intelligent medical industry, information education trend analysis, artificial intelligence + industrial design creativity, financial technology, network and computer security technology, knowledge payment and content entrepreneurship, Internet + sports industry, etc. During the conference, think tanks held closed meetings, award ceremonies and other activities

on October 13, at the special forum on professional efficiency improvement and enterprise service, smart tooth customer service, 36 krypton, Fenxiang Xiaoke, decibel and other enterprise celebrities made a theme sharing on professional efficiency improvement. Wu Linan, co-founder of wisdom tooth customer service, explained how to improve the efficiency of enterprise customer service

he mentioned that the customer service system has experienced four stages: non fusion and non intelligence, fusion and non intelligence, intelligence and fusion + intelligence. Today's intelligent customer service system is in the fourth stage. In order to maximize labor cost savings and improve enterprise efficiency, smart tooth customer service, the leader of the intelligent customer service industry, has played the effect of integration + intelligence

in terms of integration, it integrates multi-channel platforms to achieve Omni channel access, and customers can successfully access from, page, Weibo and other channels; It integrates the unified customer service platform of + robot + call center + work order, which has the effect of 1 + 12; It integrates the enrichment scenarios of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, so that customer service is no longer just after-sales service customer service. With the help of artificial intelligence, it can accurately identify user portraits, making customer service both marketing and promotion

speaking of intelligence, Wu Linan also mentioned that wisdom tooth customer service applies natural voice processing technology to all aspects of customer service. When the customer asks a question, the robot can understand and answer, and record the question as a similar question method, which is convenient for direct answer in the later stage; In terms of quality inspection, intelligent robots can automatically screen problem sessions, improve the efficiency of quality inspection by 300%, and only 1/5 people can engage in the original quality inspection work; Robots can also assist customer service to make accurate recommendations based on users' emotions and operational behaviors, so customer service under artificial intelligence can also be applied to batch outbound calls, automated sales and many other aspects. Although intelligent customer service belongs to weak AI, the industry generally believes that weak AI is stronger than "storer said, and strong AI is weaker than people. Experts attending the meeting agreed that the most fundamental value of AI is to help or even replace human beings to complete tasks, improve efficiency and reduce costs

artificial intelligence is the focus of global pursuit at this stage. McKinsey attaches great importance to the harmony between enterprises and society by moving the limit rod up and down with their hands; It is a cleaner production demonstration enterprise and garden unit in Shanghai; China and the United States are leaders in the field of artificial intelligence research and development in the world today, according to the report on the future of China's artificial intelligence published by the "technological innovation demonstration enterprise" recognized by the government. China has also shown unprecedented sensitivity and foresight in the field of AI development

we believe that all applications will have AI, all human-computer interaction portals will become very simple, and AI will be closely related to people's lives

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