The hottest wires in the Forbidden City wear armor

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The wires of the Forbidden City Wear "armor" 95% of the palace is covered with lightning rods

original title: the wires of the Forbidden City Wear "armor" 95% of the palace is covered with lightning rods

Beijing News on April 18, the French Notre Dame in Paris integrated the needs of downstream users and a fire broke out, and the topic of fire prevention of ancient buildings became a hot topic. The Beijing News entered the Forbidden City to see how the largest ancient building complex ensured safety

there are 73 municipal fire hydrants, 94 high-pressure fire hydrants and 4866 fire extinguishers in the Forbidden City. Beibifang steel strand Beijing Municipal Fire Corps Imperial Palace special service fire squadron two groups of four people a day take turns to inspect and investigate hidden dangers. Majikun, deputy chief of the supervision and guidance section of the fire prevention supervision office of the Tiananmen Fire detachment, said: "for the Forbidden City, the biggest disaster is not man-made, but natural disasters." The most recent fire in the Forbidden City occurred in August, 1987. The location of the fire was Jingyang palace, and the cause of the fire was lightning. Since then, lightning protection facilities have been installed on the top of each palace. It looks like a wire, but in fact it is the protective cover of the Forbidden City. At present, 95% of the palace in the Forbidden City has been covered by lightning rods

in addition to the prevention and control of natural disasters, another important work is to put "armor" on each group of wires in the palace. In particular, some ancient buildings can't use underground cables like modern buildings, and use metal pipes as sleeves to "close" the wires, which gives cultural relics more security

firefighters are checking the fire-fighting facilities in the kitchen of the Palace Museum restaurant

according to firefighters, all wires in the Forbidden City are wrapped in iron pipes. Once a fire is caused by a short circuit of wires, it can be ensured that the fire is controlled in the pipes

firefighters divided the Forbidden City into 10 areas and checked them in sequence during daily patrol and inspection

firefighters check whether the underground fire hydrant on the left side of Taihe hall and the water supply system are normal

firefighters carried out patrol inspection in areas such as Taihe hall and left wing gate of the Forbidden City

members of the Imperial Palace special service fire squadron of the Beijing Fire Corps are undergoing daily training

the economic loss caused by the special service of the Forbidden City of Beijing Fire Corps is 10 points. The members of the huge defense squadron are undergoing daily training

photography report by Wang Fei and Zhang Jingshu of Beijing News

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