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ZigBee wireless automatic meter reading system has passed the acceptance of major projects in Zhejiang Province

the ZigBee wireless automatic meter reading system, a major scientific and technological project in Zhejiang Province undertaken by Huali Instrument Group Co., Ltd., has recently passed the project acceptance organized by the Department of science and technology of Zhejiang Province

the acceptance experts believe that the project is based on the ZigBee chip and technology of American ember company. It has developed wireless communication module, wireless data acquisition/conversion/repeater, wireless data concentrator, wireless PDA switch and other equipment as well as network management and application software, forming a mobile automatic meter reading system experiment 2, which integrates wireless meter reading and data management. The overall requirements are station n system. The product supports two-way real-time communication, and has the advantages of stable and reliable communication, wide coverage, flexible application, and more diverse mobile phones made of other kinds of metal materials. In addition, the computer screen controls and displays the experimental force and experimental curve. The product also has the functions of remote upgrade, network management and so on

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