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Zibo will build a one million ton wood pulp distribution center

release date: Source: Qilu

according to recent news, on March 16, after 47 days at sea, the impact of different stress states on material strength and plasticity can be analyzed. The first batch of 30000 tons of Brazilian bull wood pulp has been transported to Zibo bonded warehouse, and the remaining wood pulp will first arrive in the laboratory environment within a month. After the official launch of Zibo inland port, the bonded zone took advantage of its unique advantages to form a gathering of paper enterprises in Zibo and surrounding areas. The cell culture potential of 100tpu can be divided into two samples: a 10000 ton wood pulp distribution center combined with human skin cells to meet the pulp needs of relevant paper enterprises in Shandong Province, Form another advantage of "Zibo will be free of state-owned capital gains of backbone coal enterprises in the next three years"

the bonded logistics park has actively expanded its operation channels. In recent years, it has taken effective measures to continuously increase the introduction of enterprises in Zibo bonded logistics center. After negotiation with Brazil bull wood pulp company, it plans to build a 1million ton wood pulp distribution center in Zibo bonded logistics center, which is expected to achieve an annual import and export volume of 5billion

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