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Zibo: from an old industrial city to a "famous capital of new materials"

Zibo: from an old industrial city to a "famous capital of new materials"

November 28, 2018

40 years of reform and opening up · changes in production cities

last year, as the "only metallographic microscope you can use" in Shandong Province, Zibo stood out from 120 old industrial cities and 262 national resource-based cities, and was approved as the first batch of industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration zones in China. For more than a year, Zibo's performance has been very bright: "industrial precise transfer" mode promotes the continuous optimization of industrial structure, industrial level and spatial layout; The "green power improvement" model explores a green development road that integrates energy structure adjustment, elimination of backward excess capacity, and pollution reduction, forcing industrial transformation and upgrading; The "three most cities" model with the least administrative approval items, the highest administrative efficiency and the lowest administrative cost was commended by the State Council. Recently, science and technology have explored the gorgeous transformation of Zibo Chinese paint

"practice internal skills" and "borrow external forces" burst into innovative vitality

walk into the synthetic rubber workshop of Qilu Petrochemical rubber plant and work 24 hours a day. 2. The tape retention experimental machine adopts single-chip microcomputer timing. According to the staff, this is one of the main synthetic rubber production bases in China, and the design and production capacity of synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, synthetic fiber and other polymer materials has reached 300000 tons/year

guide enterprises to build an innovation platform and support the rapid development of the industry. While Zibo "exercises its internal skills", it does not forget to "borrow external forces". Yuxiudong, director of the science and Technology Bureau of Zibo, said that in view of the bottleneck of few scientific research institutions and talent shortage, Zibo has implemented the recruitment project of colleges, universities and enterprises, successively built five national science and technology incubators such as advanced ceramics and polymer materials, and set up two overseas incubators in Silicon Valley of the United States and Munich of Germany, forming an innovative development model of "Industrial Research Institute + incubator, that is, small screw moving slider on rotating eccentric wheel + industrial base", The city has built 17 national R & D institutions and 86 academician workstations, and has been approved as a "National Intellectual Property Demonstration City". The R & D expenditure accounts for 2.2% of GDP, and 9.7 invention patents have been issued for 10000 people

"stock change" and "incremental rise" enhance competitiveness

thin as cicada wings, more expensive than gold, more important than Mount Tai. This is a metaphor for the two membranes of Dongyue Group: chlor alkali ion membrane and fuel cell membrane. Zhang Jianhong, chairman of Dongyue Group, introduced that Dongyue Group and Shanghai Jiaotong University worked together for eight years to overcome this world-class scientific and technological problem and end the history of China's chlor alkali industry being controlled by others

Zibo City has achieved "incremental rise" through the implementation of "stock reform". Focusing on the demand of new energy and environmental protection for fluorosilicone materials, it has integrated key element resources, broken through a number of common key technologies, increased the development of organic fluorine, organosilicon downstream high-performance fluorosilicone oil, fluorosilicone rubber, fluorosilicone coating, etc., and formed a high-end industrial level, new industrial system, light industrial structure Green industrial development "high, new, light and green" new material industry development layout, occupying the commanding height of the industry. The production scale of green refrigerants, plasticizers and refractory fibers in the field of advanced ceramic materials, organic polymers, new chemical materials and new refractory materials ranks first in Asia

"market leadership" and "government guidance" vary, saying that they did not expect a grass-roots entrepreneur to build a national base

in Huantai County Dongyue fluorosilicone Material Industrial Park, Shandong Dongyue Shenzhou new materials Co., Ltd. independently developed nearly 100 varieties of fluoropolymers and fluoro fine chemicals, which are widely used in national defense, military industry, aerospace, automotive and other fields, and their products are exported to the United States Canada and other more than 30 countries and regions

in Zibo, there are 371 new material enterprises above Designated Size, accounting for 14.1% of the city's Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size, and 148 high-tech enterprises in the field of new materials, accounting for 52.5% of the city's total high-tech enterprises. Yu Xiudong said that since Zibo was approved by the Ministry of science and technology as a comprehensive national new material achievement transformation and industrialization base in 2002, Zibo has explored the "leapfrog" growth path of the new material industry through "market leadership" and "government guidance", and has become the only "new material capital" among the 63 New Material Industrialization Bases in the country

Zibo is taking the construction of industrial parks and characteristic industrial bases as the support to speed up the development of new material industry agglomeration. Yu Xiudong introduced that last year, the output value of the new material industry in the city was 231.62 billion yuan, accounting for 58.6% of the output value of the city's high-tech industries. By 2022, the main business income of the new material industry in the city will exceed 400billion yuan, creating four 50billion level chemical new material clusters of fluorosilicone, polyolefin, polyurethane materials and engineering plastics, and promoting the leap from a big material city to a strong material city. (Wang Jiangao, correspondent Fu Bin, he Yiguang)

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