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Zigong lanterns want to "light up" the lighting industry chain

on the evening of November 20 local time, the British International Lantern Festival opened in Heaton Park, Manchester, UK. More than 50 groups of lanterns designed and produced by Zigong cultural tourism investment and Development Co., Ltd. light up the night sky in Manchester... The event will continue until March 2020 and will be exhibited in three British cities, Manchester, Edinburgh and London

it is worth mentioning that Zigong City Super IP "time and space dragon knight" light group also made its debut in the UK for the first time. Meanwhile, tourists can not only enjoy the exquisite lantern show, but also see the authentic Sichuan local culture and intangible cultural heritage skills such as acrobatics and paper cutting

Manchester is one of more than 90 cities where Zigong colorful lanterns have been "lit up" this year. As a lamp city in China, Zigong is no longer satisfied with "going out" to hold lamp exhibitions, but takes lamps as the "medium" to promote the industrialization of traditional culture and "light up" the lighting industry chain. On November 22, at the construction site of the lighting and lighting industrial park project in Zigong Yantan high tech Industrial Park, heavy trucks shuttled back and forth. The first phase of the land leveling project in the starting area was in full swing, and a standardized plant of 30000 square meters was planned to be built within the year

"the total investment of the park is planned to be 2billion yuan, with a planned area of 3 square kilometers." He Wei, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Management Committee of Yantan high tech immovable Technology Industrial Park, introduced

Zigong has a proud foundation for developing the lighting industry. Zigong Lantern Festival has a history of more than 800 years. It has been exhibited in more than 500 large and medium-sized cities in China and more than 70 countries and regions in the world. More than 400million tourists have watched the lantern, accounting for more than 80% of the domestic market share and more than 90% of the foreign market share. At present, there are 997 lantern enterprises in Zigong, with nearly 100000 employees and an annual output value of more than 5billion yuan

however, most of these enterprises are small and micro enterprises, which have not yet formed the scale effect of the lighting industry, and their anti risk ability is weak. At present, Zigong does not have a large-scale, clustered and professional lighting industry to cooperate with the development of the lantern industry. According to incomplete statistics, Zigong needs to purchase nearly 1billion yuan of Lantern raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products from the city every year

"at present, we only earn a small part of the profits of OEM in the industrial chain." Luo Shuyuan, deputy general manager of Zigong huilongtang culture and Art Co., Ltd., sighed

make up for shortcomings and extend the industrial chain. Last year, Zigong signed a contract with Zhongshan Lighting Appliance Association of Guangdong Province to strengthen cooperation in lighting R & D and manufacturing, cultural and creative lighting, and create Zigong lighting industrial park

it is understood that Zigong lighting industrial park plans to lay out three main functional areas and a comprehensive supporting service area. Lantern series product area, layout lantern R & D and design, cultural and creative, small and micro enterprise incubation, derivative product production and manufacturing; Night scene lighting product area, R & D and manufacturing scenic spot night scene lights, urban scene lights, national craft lights, etc; Intelligent lighting product area, R & D and manufacturing of intelligent lighting related products and applications; Comprehensive supporting service area, layout logistics trade, e-commerce, exhibition, raw material production and other functions and enterprises

a whole industrial chain integrating lighting R & D and design, production and manufacturing, exhibition and cultural tourism is clear in Zigong's industrial vision


introduce supporting enterprises to supplement the industrial chain

on November 15, at the 26th cross strait lighting technology and marketing seminar and Zigong lighting industry docking meeting, Zigong signed five lighting industry projects with a total investment of 2.23 billion yuan

among them, Yantan district and Chongqing Pengyi NANLIAN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. plan to invest 500million yuan in the lighting industry project, which is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of new light sources for colored lights

this makes He Wei both happy and worried: happily, another five projects have been signed and implemented. At present, six enterprises, including Zigong Haitian culture, Zhuhai haoxun optoelectronics, and Huanchen lantern, have officially settled in the Yantan high tech Industrial Park. After the completion of the lighting industrial park, they will move into key minerals that pay attention to their shortages and make early response to the "new home"; The worry is that Zigong's Lantern enterprises are basically traditional lantern enterprises with low technology content. In the future, they will settle in the lantern series product area, but the nightscape lighting product area and intelligent lighting product area need to introduce modern lighting enterprises, which is the biggest weakness in Zigong's development of lighting industry

He Wei frankly said that in the modern lighting industry, the light-emitting body, cover, controller, stabilizer and other parts of the lamp are produced by different enterprises and then assembled. It is difficult to introduce a single enterprise unilaterally. "In the process of attracting investment, we often encounter such problems, such as the enterprises that produce lamp covers are willing to settle in the park, but the enterprises will also ask: is there a supporting lighting enterprise settling in? If so, it's easy to talk..."

take Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province as an example, its lighting industry is an industrial chain that integrates creativity, design, research and development, production and manufacturing. The inherent electrical insulation enables plastics to maintain electrostatic charges. Each enterprise is responsible for part of the chain. In the same city, the cost is greatly reduced. "Zigong's lighting industry still has a long way to go to form a full industrial chain." Insiders believe that


improve the scientific and technological content and maintain the industry leadership

how to combine modern technology and civilization to build a new format of lighting industry has become a hot topic for Zigong to develop lighting industry at present

relevant experts believe that at present, nearly 100 billion yuan is invested in urban lighting in China every year, and the market prospect is broad. The combination of the characteristics of Zigong traditional lighting Festival and modern lighting should share in the 100 billion "big cake"

relevant experts suggested that Zigong should plan ahead, deploy digital technology, especially carry out big data construction, improve the digital technology content of lantern production, and ensure to continue to stay ahead of the International Lantern industry in this round of scientific and technological innovation

this year, Zigong High tech Zone introduced the project of "ultra high power cpled special lighting, which is the research and production manufacturer of experimental machines and the user department of experimental machines". It mainly produces ultra-high power cpled light source crystals and lamps, with a total investment of 1.26 billion yuan. It has overcome the bottleneck of ultra-high power lighting technology from the source of luminous crystals, and will help to promote the continuous extension of Zigong lighting industry chain

The Zigong Lantern Festival is well-known nationwide, but in sharp contrast to it is the local lighting industry. Since there has been no large-scale, clustered and professional lighting industry, Zigong needs to purchase large quantities of raw materials and finished products of colored lanterns from other places every year. Local related enterprises can only earn a small OEM fee. Fortunately, Zigong also realized this. In recent years, from holding lamp exhibitions to developing the lighting industry, the local government has made great efforts to extend the industrial chain and achieved remarkable results

however, the lighting industry is not an emerging industry. After decades of development, at present, the output value of Guangdong lighting industry accounts for 70% of China's market share. Under this background, how to make Zigong's lighting industry suddenly rise and feature

first of all, we should find out the market positioning. At present, Guangdong's position in this industry will not be shaken in a short time. To survive in the "cracks", Zigong must first find its own positioning, focus on market segmentation, differentiated competition, and create products with its own characteristics

we should also do a good job in scientific and technological articles. With the development of science and technology, the current national lighting industry is in a critical period of transformation from extensive to intelligent. This is a development opportunity for Zigong to "overtake on Curves". To grasp this opportunity, we should abandon the investment principle of "picking up vegetables in the basket", vigorously introduce projects with high scientific and technological content and good development prospects, and drive related industries to develop in the direction of high-end and intelligent

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