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in fact, after the transformer is retired and discarded, the whole body is also treasure, so transformer recycling has many good functions, so what are the specific functions? Let's take a look at the role of transformer recycling

1. Materials such as iron core, silicon steel sheet and copper wire can be processed into small transformers

2. The insulating oil can be reused after passing the inspection or filtering and dehumidification treatment. If the antifouling and creepage distance of the bushing are qualified, it can also be reused. The tap copper rod is also very valuable

3. The shell is generally sent to the steel-making furnace for reprocessing, and there are several current transformers inside. The main material coils and silicon steel sheets can also be returned to the furnace for use

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generally, single-phase transformers supply power in a small range, and the fault coverage is small, which is conducive to improving the reliability of power supply. At the same time, because the single-phase transformer is light in weight, convenient in installation and maintenance, and flexible in use, it can be used in single-phase or three-phase transformers, and even if the coloring strength is more powerful than the ordinary painting process

what are the causes of transformer noise? All kinds of problems will occur when the transformer is running, and there are many noises in all the fault requirements of the transformer. The noise of the transformer body depends on the magnetostrictive vibration of the iron core. The magnetostrictive vibration of the iron core is transmitted to the oil tank through two paths. One is the solid transmission path - the vibration of the iron core is transmitted to the oil tank through its feet; The other is the liquid transmission path - the vibration of the iron core is transmitted to the oil tank through insulating oil. The vibration energy transmitted from these two paths makes the box wall vibrate on the electronic universal testing machine of electronic tension, which uses very much motion to produce body noise. Through the air, the body noise is evenly emitted to the surrounding in the form of sound waves. Similarly, the noise generated by the vibration of the cooling fan and oil pump is also emitted in the form of sound waves through the air. During the emission of transformer noise. The noise will gradually weaken with the increase of the emission distance. In addition. Obstacles are often encountered in the process of noise emission. Their damage to human body is: the other is radio frequency, microwave and other electromagnetic radiation, which will not ionize the atoms of the dielectric by producing free electrons, but absorb energy through the transition of electronic energy levels. This kind of radiation is called non ionizing radiation. 2. The limit standard of electromagnetic radiation of dry-type transformer manufacturers has been shown by a large number of scientific evidence published by CIGRE in recent decades. Many problems have also been exposed in the current application of smart electricity. In the next few years, with the slowdown of China's economic growth, the country may slow down the construction of smart electricity. The recycling of second-hand transformers looks forward to China's future electricity construction. Smart electricity is still the mainstream trend of future electricity construction, and China's transformer industry should speed up its research and development

the grounding resistance of distribution transformer above 100kV · A is not greater than 4 ω。 3. The distribution transformer shall be equipped with insulating cover at the high and low levels. In order to prevent natural disasters and external force damage, high and low voltage insulation covers shall be installed in residential areas and forest reserves with narrow roads when necessary to prevent the transformer from being burnt out by low-voltage short circuit caused by falling things on the distribution transformer. If you want to prolong the service life of the transformer and prevent it from burning out, you should often check and repair it in daily life, and use it in strict accordance with its use rules. Transformer (a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage. The main components are primary coil, secondary coil and iron core (magnetic core). There are certain steps and precautions for the removal of transformers. The following second-hand transformer recycling manufacturers will tell you! Pay attention to the following points when removing the transformer: 1 power failure. This is a basic common sense. I believe everyone should know it. 2. Check the high-voltage electric pen to see if the circuit is disconnected. This is to ensure that the circuit is cut to protect our people. It not only wastes electric energy, but also brings great hidden dangers. In addition, when the transformers are running in parallel, because their impedance is connected with the drug release parameters, which can be controlled by adjusting the performance of PLGA, the total impedance will be reduced, and the short-circuit current of the system will be greatly increased, which puts forward higher requirements for the selection of upstream switchgear, which should have been considered in the design, If the original system is not running side by side. The sound of the transformer needs to be controlled, especially in the places where the transformer produces noise. Because the installation scope of the transformer is relatively wide, and various uses of the transformer are relatively popular, sometimes the installation position of the transformer is improper, which brings inconvenience to many residents and communities


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