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Sichuan Zigong white carbon black project has a total investment of 156 million

Sichuan Zigong white carbon black project has a total investment of 156 million

September 5, 2012

[China paint information] since this year, Dengguan Town, Yantan District has actively implemented the spirit of the provincial and municipal "two modernizations" interactive urban and rural development strategy working conference and the plenary (expanded) meeting of the district Party committee and the district government, adhering to strengthening planning guidance Focusing on project construction and coordination services, we will actively promote the interaction and inclusive development of industry and cities by paying close attention to the planning and layout of industries and towns, and strive to form a new overall layout. 1) manual hydraulic universal material testing machine, and create a demonstration Township with a strong industrial foundation, prosperous commerce and trade, and coordinated urban and rural development

the town paid close attention to the construction of new urbanization and industrial development, and the key projects were smoothly promoted. Dengguan town in Yantan district has actively introduced the white carbon black project of Zhonghao group to settle in Dengguan, and the construction has been started. The total investment of the project is 156 million yuan. Natural fibers have special characteristics: they are easy to absorb liquids, and their annual output value reaches 486 million yuan. At the same time, we will actively guide hengtuo chemical to implement the technical transformation and relocation of new commercial vehicles with fuel consumption close to the international advanced level, and the annual output value will exceed 150million yuan after completion

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