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The development of chemical refinery depends on the development of new technology

the development of chemical refinery depends on the development of new technology. It can be stopped when it is necessary.

January 8, 2004

how will the chemical refinery develop in the new year? Industry experts pointed out at the working meeting of Sinopec Group held in Beijing a few days ago that to a large extent, this depends on the development of new technologies

refineries in the 21st century can be divided into three types: clean fuels, oil chemical combination and chemical industry. The development of chemical refinery

should be faster than that of other refineries. The data show that if the GDP increases by 1%, the oil refining will increase by 0.5%, and the chemical industry will increase by

1%. Therefore, the chemical light oil phase will actively help customers solve problems, which will be more prominent for the problem of shortage. Since the beginning of the 21st century, most of the new petrochemical plants have been built in the Middle East. The raw material of these petrochemical plants is ethane. Their common characteristics are high ethylene yield and low propylene yield. The development trend of the world market is that propylene demand growth is higher than ethylene demand growth. Therefore, in order to make China's petrochemical industry, especially chemical refineries, more globally competitive, we must quickly strengthen the development of new technologies to produce the maximum amount of propylene from heavy raw materials

it is understood that at present, China Academy of Sciences, Sinopec engineering company, Shanghai Petrochemical, Shanghai Institute of medical engineering and other units have fully invested in the collection of experimental data and the development of this technology. Li Dadong, President of the Academy of stone Sciences, believes that the academy should not only carry out technological research and development around the development of its main business, but also promote and transform the research technology. In addition to the unified national planning, it also requires the efforts of the scientific research institutions themselves and the strong support of enterprises. He said that the Academy of stone sciences should continue to strengthen the

alliance with the Design Institute, provide technical services for enterprises, transform science and technology into productivity as soon as possible, and promote the accelerated development of China's chemical refinery and petrochemical industry

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