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The development of auto parts manufacturing equipment

with the rapid development of China's auto industry, the appearance of the auto parts industry is also changing with each passing day. As an industry that consumes 40% of machine tool equipment, its development not only depends on the technological progress of machine tool industry, but also strongly promotes the development of machine tool industry. At the same time, the fierce competition in the automotive industry has accelerated product upgrading. 1. According to the maximum experimental force of the host machine, selecting the main wire clamping core and preheating it with too high temperature before extrusion can completely remove the water and oil on the surface, with a new generation of steps, impacting the production mode of the automobile. All these determine that the machine tool manufacturing industry must constantly push through the old and bring forth the new to meet the new development needs

development and changes of automobile equipment manufacturing industry

in the 1970s, the main means for enterprises to enhance market competitiveness was to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. Next, how to provide customers with reliable products on the basis of low cost has become the theme of the manufacturing industry in the 1980s

then, from the source of products - product design, optimization design has become the mainstream of the market in the 1990s. Since the beginning of the 21st century, both the variety of products and the launch speed of new products have been accelerating. Automotive products have gradually changed from simple transportation tools to fashionable products. At the same time, energy conservation and emission reduction have gradually become common requirements and even national mandatory standards

this means that the production mode of auto parts must be changed accordingly. The rigid production line that has made great contributions to reducing production costs is difficult to meet emerging needs. At the same time, the processing efficiency problem that restricts the development of flexible production lines is also disintegrating under the development of CNC machine tools and tool technology. The advantages of flexible production lines are exposed by the intensive production mode and convenient variety transformation

therefore, efficiency and flexibility have become the mainstream of today's manufacturing development. The successful development of flexible production line can enrich the varieties of high-end composite products in China, adapt to the rapid technological progress, and meet the needs of product upgrading and multi variety production

Figure 1 ultra high speed machining center is processing engine parts

equipment manufacturers are facing new demands

the driving force for the automotive industry to bring forth new products comes from many aspects, including the continuous progress of technology, especially engine technology; Consumers' psychology of seeking novelty; And the unremitting pursuit of energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and comfort. All these requirements need to be met based on the upgrading of auto parts. Therefore, machine tool manufacturers need to meet new challenges

1. Machine tool high speed

the pursuit of machining efficiency and machining quality in the automotive industry is the driving force to promote the advancement of high-speed machining technology. The high speed of machine tools is based on the development of the main supporting components of machine tools, which is reflected in the application of advanced technologies such as numerical control technology, electric spindle technology, linear motor technology and so on

for example, the spindle speed of machine tools with motorized spindle technology is more than 40000 rpm; The application of linear motor makes the fast moving speed reach 120m/min and the acceleration reach 2G, and the combined speed of three-axis linkage can reach 208m/min and the acceleration of 3.24g; The tool changing speed of the tool changing manipulator driven by the servo motor can reach 0.8 seconds, which greatly reduces the auxiliary time and improves the efficiency of the machine tool

2. High accuracy of machine tools

mass production of auto parts requires that machine tools have high engineering capability index, which requires that machine tools have high accuracy and good accuracy retention and reliability. Only such machine tools can produce high-quality products and lay a good foundation for ensuring product quality and improving assembly efficiency. Through the application of spindle constant temperature, hollow screw cooling, automatic thermal compensation, and full closed-loop control, the accuracy of the machine tool has been continuously improved

3. Machine tool compounding

the compound processing technology that concentrates the processing procedures on one machine tool as much as possible can shorten the logistics line and processing cycle, reduce the auxiliary and waiting time, avoid the error transmission between procedures, and effectively improve the processing efficiency and accuracy

this compounding result challenges the concept of machining center. At first, the compounding technology was mainly the compounding of multi face and multi axis, and then the milling axis of machining center was added on the basis of horizontal lathe, which developed into turning milling composite machining center. Nowadays, cross industry compounding is carried out on the basis of turning and milling compounding, such as direct touching and grinding after machining on machine tools

this means that we can really produce according to the order and greatly shorten the delivery time, which has a far-reaching impact on the production and management mode of the factory

4. Machine tool automation

the application of automation technology is very suitable for the requirements of mass production. It can improve production efficiency and reduce the influence of human factors

compound machine tools, large capacity tool magazine and automatic loading and unloading device provide a strong guarantee for the realization of automation. The use of compound machine tools enables the workpiece to basically complete all processing procedures on a machine tool or a unit; The large capacity tool magazine ensures that the spare tools can be replaced in time at the end of the tool life, and it can also realize the mixed production of multiple varieties

the production of this automatic unit also provides a new mode for mass production, which changes the traditional assembly line production to unit production. The increase of output can be achieved only by adding the corresponding number of units, and the failure of one unit will not affect the production of other units

5. The application of network and information technology

the application of network and information technology can carry out system integration, which not only reduces the auxiliary time, but also facilitates management and effectively improves the starting rate of machine tools. Due to the development of electronic technology and computer software and hardware technology, today's CNC machine tools can not only complete the function of cutting, but also have many intelligent and networking functions. Such as man-machine interactive programming, fixture tool database, operation history, machine load monitoring, processing time analysis, automatic diagnosis and navigation, and machine tool maintenance

6. Energy conservation and environmental protection

as an upstream equipment manufacturer, the needs of energy conservation, environmental protection and pleasant operation mode must be considered in the development stage of the equipment. Therefore, try to reduce the floor area, integrate energy-saving design, save the consumption of lubricating oil, etc. in addition, with the help of fully enclosed protective cover, completely avoid the overflow of chips and smoke, do not pollute the working environment, and at the same time, the operating atmosphere is more comfortable

Figure 2 the flexible production line of engine parts provided by little giant Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

the application of emerging machine tools in the automotive industry

the new production mode and workpiece materials of the automotive industry pose challenges to production equipment suppliers. The development of the machine tool industry also changes the production mode and concept of the automotive industry. The following introduces several examples of the application of high-speed, high-precision and highly flexible production equipment in the automotive industry

1. Production of automobile transmission gears

automobile transmission has high requirements for transmission speed, transmission efficiency, noise, transmission and transmission stability, and the accuracy of automobile transmission gears cannot be sloppy. The traditional machining method is to grind the gear after it is exposed to fire to improve the accuracy of gear end face and inner hole, but the relatively low grinding efficiency is difficult to meet the requirements of machining efficiency and parts processing cost

with the comprehensive application of high rigidity machine tool structure and motorized spindle technology in CNC machine tools, as well as the use of CBN and ceramic cutting tools, some CNC lathes today can achieve efficient machining with turning instead of grinding when processing hard steel

this process has been successfully applied to the production of automotive transmission gears. The workpiece hardness of the transmission gears after being stained with fire can reach HRC. After hard turning with CBN or ceramic tools, the workpiece surface roughness can reach below Ra0.2

2. Spherical processing inside the automobile differential housing

there is a spherical processing inside the automobile differential housing. Because its processing part is inside the cavity of the workpiece, special machine tools were used in the past, and the procurement cycle of this machine tool is often long, lagging behind the promotion of the whole production process

the development of composite processing technology makes it possible to process such parts on general machine tools. The integrax composite processing machine tool produced by Mazak can cooperate with the special hook tool to use the interpolation function of b-axis and z-axis to carry out interpolation feed, so that the hook tool can be wound into the workpiece through the small hole of the workpiece to process parts

this change has greatly shortened zero. Because the current technology has not been able to theoretically predict the strength performance of materials under variable load, the processing preparation cycle of parts also makes it possible to produce parts of multiple varieties alternately, accelerating the renewal of parts. At the same time, the compound processing ability of the intergrex machine tool can also be applied to the processing of complex parts such as engine cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod, etc., so that these parts can be directly processed into finished products from a whole block or bar on a machine tool, and immediately enter the assembly process of the whole engine

although at this stage, this processing method is not suitable for batch processing, because this process can save the process of making models and casting blanks, the engine prototype can quickly enter the prototype production process after the design is completed, which is especially suitable for the research and development of engines or the production of personalized engines

Figure 3 Mazak compound processing machine integrex series

requirements for machine tool manufacturers in the production of auto parts

as a product of electromechanical integration, CNC machine tools integrate the latest electronic and mechanical technology. In addition to machine tools, they also include many important links such as cutting tools, fixtures, measurement, etc. in the processing of auto parts. At the same time, considering the needs of mass production mode and assembly line, there must be comprehensive cooperation in logistics, cleaning, leak testing, press fitting, assembly and management

various software and hardware technologies involved in this whole set of process flow are complex and diverse, which undoubtedly tests the ability of machine tool manufacturers to provide supporting services for the production of automotive parts. That is, machine tool manufacturers should not only provide high-performance machine tools, but also have the ability to plan a complete set of solutions for users, and provide a package of services from equipment selection, beat calculation, process arrangement, tool selection, fixture design and manufacturing, to programming trial cutting and personnel training according to the customer's workpiece drawings, technical requirements, quality requirements and production guidelines, The machine tool can be put into production and create benefits as soon as it arrives at the customer's factory. (end)

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