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The development of carbon fiber composites will take some time

at the 335th Xiangshan Science Conference held recently with the theme of "basic scientific problems in the preparation of high-performance polyacrylonitrile carbon fibers", the executive chairman of the conference and academician Shi Changxu of the National Natural Science Foundation of China pointed out that compared with foreign technologies, there is still a large gap in the field of carbon fibers in China, which is mainly reflected in the lack of high-performance raw materials, The high-performance reinforcing materials represented by carbon fiber have been imported for a long time. Due to the lack of innovation and integration and the expansion of application fields, the development of carbon fiber composite industry in China is greatly restricted

Zhushan, a researcher at Shenyang Aircraft Design and Research Institute, said that the main historical dimension composite material of the carbon fiber universal testing machine is a new type of structural material developed in the mid-1960s, including the water leakage test method. It has unique advantages such as high specific strength, high specific stiffness, good ply designability, good fatigue fracture resistance, corrosion resistance, good dimensional stability, and easy large-area integral molding, It is widely used in aerospace vehicles. Carbon fiber composite 2 Changing the relative variation of the indication of the experimental machine to no more than 1%, the material, together with aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and alloy steel, has become the four advanced structural materials of the aircraft body

experts at the meeting believed that the high-performance carbon fiber composite industry has a wide application prospect in China, which has been debated within our country. In view of the urgent needs of China's energy, resources, environment, manufacturing, transportation and other pillar industries of the national economy for high-performance structural materials, the development of carbon fiber composite materials to meet the needs of aerospace, high-speed rail transit, large-scale wind power generation equipment, etc., will not only provide technical support for China's major engineering construction and major equipment manufacturing, but also lay a solid foundation for China's transformation from a material power to a material power

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